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Elegant Candle Decor Ideas

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Elegant Candle Decor Ideas

Celebrate the magic of candles with elegant candle decor ideas. From simple votive holders to elaborate vignettes, these unique setups will bring the glow of candlelight into any living room space.

Decoration Paper: Adhere colorful and patterned paper to a jar using glue or Mod Podge for a personalized design, or tie twine or small branches around its body for a rustic aesthetic.

Pillar Candles

Create an elegant atmosphere in your home with pillar candles. Ideal for special events and just general decoration in living areas alike.

Add your personal flair to a candle by decorating it with trinkets or sentimental items, but be sure that any decorations pose no fire hazard when lit.

Giving an elegant finish to a simple candle arrangement requires placing it in an elegant fishbowl. Fill the rest of the bowl with stones or beans that can collect wax drippings afterward.

Taper Candles

Due to their slim silhouette, taper candles make perfect candle centerpieces. Their tall profile brings height to any table setting and helps play up proportions within any interior design scheme.

Put some character and festivity into your candles by tying cinnamon sticks or cranberries around their candle holders, adding stickers or small embellishments for an organic and festive appearance. Plus, personalize each one by adding stickers or embellishments for that unique personal touch!

Use painter’s tape to create patterns or shapes on the surface of candles before painting over them with acrylic paint for an eye-catching accent that’s easily removable and changeable as desired. This creates a simple yet eye-catching decoration you can take apart and change as you please!

Floating Votives

Floating candles can make an exquisite table centerpiece when combined with seasonal elements like pinecones and seasonal greenery. Fill a glass candle holder with water before incorporating wintry elements like pinecones into an arrangement for an easy yet stunning table decoration.

Ribbons and twine can create an eye-catching decorative element around candle jars for an individualistic touch. Choose coordinating ribbon colors or patterns to achieve a polished appearance, or opt for natural twine to achieve rustic or bohemian vibe. Glue or tape on lace trim as an elegant accent piece if you wish!

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Apple Votives

Add an autumnal flair to your candle display by pairing apple-shaped votive candles with a natural burlap table runner for a cozy seasonal arrangement.

To create this easy DIY decor piece, place a votive in an apple and trace around its outline with your carving tool. Cut away the circle before carving out an area for your candle to rest inside.

Add an elegant and festive touch to each candle by tying cinnamon sticks or cranberries around its stem for a festive finishing touch, then give these as party favors together with personalized lipstick matches!

Sweater Votives

Sweater candles add a warm, cozy charm to any decor. Cover a glass candle holder or even a vase with its cozy fabric by wrapping its cuff over the candle holder, for an effective yet cozy touch.

Select a neutral or seasonal scent like Apple Picking or Hey Pumpkin for an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Combine a sweater votive with zen gardens for an elegant table arrangement; these DIY candle holders can easily be stored away as seasons change! Find these items at thrift stores at an economical price; they make great DIY presents!

Zen Gardens

Zen gardens were traditionally intended as spaces for Buddhist monks to meditate and reflect upon the teachings of Buddha. Today, you can create your own serene and tranquil Zen garden in your backyard using natural elements like stones and water.

Large rocks serve as the centerpiece of a Zen garden, and surrounding them with greenery such as moss and ferns for color and texture, shrubs and trees can further provide enclosure. When used strategically as decoration gravel may represent ocean waves. Raked in certain patterns it holds symbolic meaning for monks.

Glass Trifles

By decorating with candleholder glass as decoration is an elegant and creative idea. From dressing up your bar cart or creating stunning centerpieces with candle decor ideas there is sure to be one suitable for you.

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Personalize jar candles by embellishing them with beads or glitter for an eye-catching pop of color or rustic charm. Etching cream and stencils allow you to create intricate designs or monograms, while ribbons add rustic charm or pops of color – or glue strands of twine or jute around the candle for extra special effects!

Glass Cubes

No matter the occasion – be it wedding, birthday or holiday – these candle centerpiece ideas will make any tablescape chic and sophisticated. From flower wreaths encasing candles to minimalist arrangements of candles on an easel stand, these simple centerpieces will enhance any dining experience.

Add an original touch to your jar candles by customizing them with creative embellishments. Use a paintbrush to apply acrylic paint in different hues on the jar for an ombre effect or wrap some colorful yarn around it for rustic charm. Or incorporate natural elements by adhering dried flowers or leaves onto it – there is something special about handmade items that makes any gift truly personal!

Glass Votives with String and Beads

Add a dash of magic to plain glass votives by stringing delicate strands of white beads, or use wood beads on coiling wire for an authentic rustic look.

Candle holders make stunning displays for keepsakes, photos and special items like shells. This creative display idea would make an excellent centerpiece at wedding showers, family reunions or any event featuring photos or keepsakes.

Candle holders made of decorative jars add an eye-catching element to any decor. Add personalization by painting designs or monograms on them; personalize your display!

Silver Washed Beads

Decorate candles with buttons, beads and other small embellishments for an eye-catching textured effect. Finish it off by applying glitter for an added shimmery finish!

Repurpose an old toolbox as a candleholder for an easy shabby chic centerpiece, then layer in pinecones, eucalyptus leaves and wintry figurines to complete this beautiful winter arrangement.

Painted jar candles in different hues create an ombre effect, wrapped twine or burlap for rustic charm, with tags or miniature clothespins as accent pieces on top to complete the look. Travel mementos placed on candleholders further emphasize their significance.

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