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How to Make Custom Candles

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How to Make Custom Candles

Candles are an aesthetically pleasing way to illuminate any home with light and fragrance, providing illumination as well as offering fragrance. Customize them with personalized messages or pictures for special gifts!

This article will focus on making container candles, which are contained within jars or other containers and easier to create than freestanding candles that require molds.

Flower Petals

Candles are an inexpensive and simple DIY project, making an unforgettable present to share with family, friends, or romantic partners alike. Candles make wonderful keepsakes long after their flame has burned out – this method for attaching pictures or messages on candles works for family members as well.

Start by printing out your photo onto plain paper using a laser printer, and once dry cut out petal shapes from a paper flower template – these can be found online or at craft stores – that fits your needs and resize accordingly before tracing onto cardstock if necessary. Work your way from smaller petals up through medium size petals before adding larger ones as your base piece. Once all petals are cut out glue them on to a round piece of cardboard that serves as your platform and enjoy your masterpiece!

Next, place the wick in a glass jar (whether the same one you used for wax or one previously empty from another candle) and pour your wax over it, leaving about 1/2 inch at the top. Make sure to add fragrance via lavender or eucalyptus essential oil drops! Once the wax has set completely cooled off, your new candle is ready to use!


Personalized candles are an elegant way to commemorate any birthday, holiday, or memorial service – and work great as memorial candles too! What’s best about this project is that it works with virtually any photo or text you can print.

Make the mold out of anything from an easy photo frame, legos or an ice cube tray for easy clean-up, or consider using legos as molds for melting wax. However, be mindful that melting wax can pose a fire hazard so be wary when handling it and keep an eye on your workspace as melting wax should not be left unattended for too long.

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Choose an appropriate container for the candle, such as a glass jar or mason jar, to store its wax. A heat-proof spatula should be handy to help stir the wax. A centering device or wick-centering wick can help ensure its position while the wax hardens, such as available from craft stores.

Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to creating any color you can imagine with wax shavings and tinted beeswax! Mixing together various ratios of shavings and tinted beeswax allows for endless color possibilities, although beeswax has the tendency to cave in as it solidifies, so adding carnauba wax reduces this tendency. Play with different hues, keeping track of how many shavings were used along with any dye, so that when recreating these same shades in future projects!


Candles can add warmth and fragrance to a room, yet can become quite costly. Making your own candles is simple and can be customized to suit any room or special event – they even make fantastic presents!

As with making any candle, to create the ideal scent or color candle you need a mold, wick and your chosen wax type (soy is best as it doesn’t produce harmful airborne chemicals when burnt). For an eye-catching touch add decorative trim around the wick and container – alternatively use food processor to add textured or patterned finish on bottom surface of candle using food processor.

Add an extra special touch to your candle by printing a message or photo onto inkjet-compatible wax paper, before setting your flame. In addition to these materials you will require a suitable jar, inkjet printer paper, decorative tissue paper (we used gold snowflake patterns), wax paper or decorative tissue paper (such as our gold snowflake patterns) and/or wax paper sheets for printing your creation on.

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As soon as your wax chunks are melted in a double boiler, add in any fragrance/color elements you’d like. Pre-blended candle-making fragrance oils or single note essential oil fragrances work great; just be sure to follow any applicable instructions for using that specific type of wax you are working with and be mindful of following temperature requirements for pouring. A thermometer may be useful so you know when it is ready.


Candles add warmth to any space and are an easy way to customize your home environment. Making candles can be done easily in any number of ways; whether it’s with words or pictures on them – custom candles make great presents that will last a lifetime! DIY projects like these make great memories that you will be sure to treasure in years to come.

Candles can easily be customized using decorative tissue paper as one of the easiest and simplest ways. It’s an inexpensive and accessible way to personalize them; find plenty of patterns online and in craft stores; you could even try creating your own designs using paper cutter and scissors!

Hide a surprise message inside the candle for birthdays or anniversaries as an additional special gift idea! As it burns, its secret will slowly come out, providing an exciting way to express how much someone means to you.

To create a Message Candle, remove the wick from a store-bought white candle and place it in a double boiler over low heat to melt its wax evenly. Stirring is necessary once melted wax has reached liquid stage; pour carefully into glass container once complete to set before decorating with decorative accents and embellishments. Use tape to hold straight your wicks until your candle cures; however, be mindful not to have larger tape than required or this could present a fire hazard risk.

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