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Custom Wedding Candles Make Great Wedding Centrepieces

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Custom Wedding Candles Make Great Wedding Centrepieces

Wedding candles make an excellent favor that smells divine while remaining practical for post-reception use. Plus, you can easily customize each one with your names and wedding date so your guests will take home something truly personal from you and your partner!

Play into the mason jar trend by offering small candles decorated with your personalized labels to your wedding guests as favors.

Scented Candles

Candles make an ideal present for both men and women alike, as well as wedding favors. Candles feature fragrance oils infused into the wax to produce an aromatic experience when lit, offering both relaxation and stimulation depending on its scent type.

No matter your wedding theme, candles can add warmth and ambience. Easy to incorporate into centerpieces, candles make the perfect decorative accent. Custom labels featuring couples names/initials/or personal messages add an additional special touch.

This bridesmaid candle offers an easy and delightful way to ask your closest friends to join your bridal team. Boasting a lush floral fragrance and hand-molded wax rose topper for added festivities and festivities. Phthalate- and dye-free soy and cotton wicks ensure safe burning inside your home; plus it comes complete with its own box for convenient gift-giving!

Faux Candles

As wedding centerpieces go, candles can easily transform any table setup. But candles require creativity in order to truly stand out. From rustic to modern themes, there’s bound to be one or more that fit right in with your theme perfectly – add some moss or greenery as an accent and top off your centerpiece with one tea light or votive for an eye-catching arrangement!

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Or opt for something more modern with these LED flame effect candles in a set of 24. Powered by coin lithium batteries and offering over 200 hours of battery life, they make ideal centerpieces for an outdoor wedding as they look realistic while remaining safer than open flames.

Add church and pillar candles to your decor for an attractive glow, making a memorable memento for guests on your big day. Floral-scented tin candles come with compact candles that can be personalized with your name and wedding date for an added personal touch.

Tea Lights

Tea lights can add an inviting atmosphere to any wedding decor. From tables or centrepieces to staircases like Unique Floral Expressions or Kate and Campbell Weddings have done, tea lights create an eye-catching glow that adds romantic ambience.

Mix and match different candle heights to add depth and variety to your table decor. John Lewis offers stunning tall pillar candles which look lovely when mixed with smaller tea light candles of similar height.

If you’re in search of something rustic yet elegant, lantern candles could be just what you need. Boasting windows and railings in various colours to match any decor theme.

This personalised candle is the ideal wedding favor or welcome bag gift! Available in 8 scents and two sizes to match the scent and size needs for your event, this clear gift box makes giving out these special favors simple.

Wooden Wedding Favours

Wedding favors are an elegant and thoughtful way to thank guests for attending your big day. This thoughtful gesture can include cookies, jam or honey jars, potted cacti plants or even scented soap. Some brides and grooms also give small tokens as thank-yous to candle lighters, ushers or readers assisting them during the ceremony; be sure to add personal notes in their favors!

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For an elegant country theme wedding, mini wooden treasure chest favors are the perfect complement. Fill them with delicious treats like gummy candies or mini pies; personalize it further by including custom labels to add extra personalization!

Functional wedding favors such as mini bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, fold-up bags and more make great additions to the tables of your guests and will remind them of your big day each time they use it – making these more appreciated than the kind that simply sit on their tables before being discarded after use!

Jar Candles

Are you searching for an adorable gift to thank your bridesmaids or simply add some scent into the nighttime rituals of your future spouse? Look no further; this wedding mason jar candle with its delicious cotton candy and citrus fruit aromas will bring joy long after the big day is done!

Make sure your customized jar labels will stay put when applied to candles by printing them using high-quality paper, using thick coated jars with thick coating to protect from scratches or breakage during transportation, and asking the manufacturer for physical samples so you can verify quality and durability before selecting your final choice.

Your candles should convey your brand’s image and story in both online sales and in store purchases, because customers will form associations between your name and certain emotions triggered by using your product, and buying again later. A great way to achieve this effect is with custom labels that clearly outline all details regarding its usage.

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