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Types of Custom Candles

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Types of Custom Candles

Custom candles are an effective way to engage customers and foster brand loyalty. By selecting appropriate packaging materials, custom candles can create visually striking products that attract potential buyers.

To protect your candles during shipping, select packaging materials made of sturdy material – corrugated is great for heavy or delicate objects; additionally dividers and soft fillers may help avoid damage.

Jar Candles

Jar candles are beautiful candles made up of wax and wick enclosed within a container with a lid, ideal for non-traditional candle holders and boasting strong scent throw. Additionally, they’re easy to store due to the larger pool of liquid wax they contain compared to other forms.

Glass jars come in all shapes, sizes and colors that suit various applications. They may be treated to increase heat resistance while withstanding tremendous amounts of pressure. Furthermore, lids made from various materials like aluminum or tin as well as plastic are commonly found.

Some jars can feature additional components infused into their wax mixture, such as spices or herbs, to further customize its flavor and enhance its scent. They may even be decorated with artwork or text to elevate their brand image and drive sales.

Once the candles have been burned and recycled, their jars can be reused as storage space or decorative objects around the home. Furthermore, these recycled containers can also be recycled into homemade jam and canned fruits storage solutions or donated to local activity centres or schools to be used as craft projects by other participants.

Tealight Candles

Tea light candles bring an air of elegance and fragrance into any setting, be it weddings, birthdays or anniversaries; parties; dinner tables; spa environments or simply as beautiful centerpieces to set an upscale romantic restaurant scene or relaxing spa ambience. Another added benefit of using them is they do not require specific candle holders – mason jars, wine glasses and even pieces of wood will work just fine as holders for these miniature gems!

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Pair these candles with some fragrant oil for a convenient and eco-friendly way to add fragrance in any room or space in your home. By heating the oil, long-lasting scent vapor is produced that fills any given space or room in your home with the pleasant fragrance you crave.

These candles feature front-side print that allows you to showcase any message, photo, or design of your choice – an excellent product to promote any business or brand with custom logos or unique designs that appeal to a broad audience.

Printify makes starting an online candle business simple without the need for upfront investments, with customizable designs that feature meaningful messages, photos and memories to become an instant bestseller! For more information about opening your own store visit their website today.

Votive Candles

Nothing sets the perfect scene like a candle display. From using votives as simple yet elegant dining room table decorations, to full-blown arrays that set an intimate yet comfortable tone for evenings at home – candles make a wonderful accent for any special event and decor style!

Votive candles resemble tea light candles in many ways, yet differ by being taller and not coming with their own glass cup to contain the flame. Instead, votives require votive holders made of glass in order to burn safely – these holders may then be reused throughout a festive holiday atmosphere or simply stored away for everyday use.

Choose a reusable glass votive holder or find one with your logo to give your candle its own distinctive appearance. We advise placing glass containers in the freezer after their candle has finished burning to reduce wax build-up and make cleaning them easier when necessary. Just be sure to trim its wick before each use and store safely afterward for optimal burn experiences!

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Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are freestanding decorative pieces made of denser wax that come in various shapes, sizes and heights. Perfect for decorative use in home ambiance and religious ceremonies alike. Grouping them together as an eye-catching centerpiece or placing in glass hurricane lanterns for outdoor entertaining makes pillar candles versatile and eye-catching!

Pillars are easy to create at home and offer endless customization possibilities. Experiment with dyes for vibrant designs or layer different hues of wax for an eye-catching appearance. Furthermore, use different molds to craft special sculptural shapes like bubbles or dewdrops using this medium.

When creating pillars, it’s essential to use wax designed specifically for them. Such wax features a higher melting point and will contract more readily within its mould to help prevent denting and tunnelling. Furthermore, flat supports such as books or pavers should be placed beneath moulds while pouring hot wax so as to prevent over-expansion of its contents.

Once the candle has been poured, it is crucial that its mold be given time to fully cool before trying to extract it from its mold. This will reduce cracking or breaking while making them easier to separate later on. You could also try placing it in the fridge to expedite this process – once fully chilled out you can use a knife or blackhead remover to smooth any visible seam lines that might remain.

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