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Custom Candles for Business Events

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Custom Candles for Business Events

Selling at in-person events allows merchants to interact directly with their customers and solicit feedback on their products from those attending directly, providing valuable customer insight that could result in improvements based on feedback received.

Candles in jars make elegant promotional products for any business. Give them out as new homebuyer gifts from real estate agencies or present them to clients at yoga studios and massage clinics.


Custom candles make thoughtful presents for special friends or family, functional decor pieces in any home, and memorable brand items for weddings, birthdays, funerals, graduations, baby showers and corporate events alike. Let our experienced designers design something truly individual – your guests are sure to remember it for years.

Personalized candles combine an irresistibly fragrant fragrance with unique designs to make an eye-catching centerpiece for any special occasion or celebration. You can add photos to mark milestones, honor loved ones or add messages for an added personal touch. Or design an eye-catching collage candle using multiple photos.

Photo candles make a wonderful gift or home accessory, offering timeless appeal that stands the test of time. Combine with fragrance to reach more audiences or design special presents for Mother’s Day, birthdays or weddings.


Logo candles provide an outstanding opportunity for businesses to promote their image. Not only are they visually striking and fragrantly pleasing, they make great additions to any decor and can serve as special birthday, anniversary and wedding presents as well as corporate client gifts!

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Photos, quotes and memories make personalized candles the perfect keepsake gift. Extend brand visibility by featuring your company logo on the front side. Whether screen printed, full-color printed or pad printed – logos look beautiful illuminated by candle flame. Airtight lids also help keep candles fresh. Personalized candles make an easy sellable product and could become your next profitable business venture – using Printify’s beginner-friendly platform you can launch an e-commerce store without incurring upfront investments or risks!


Custom imprinted candles are an effective way to appeal to our sense of smell and connect with customers through aroma. From scented to unscented options, our promotional candle selection comes with various sizes, shapes and scents so it will fit seamlessly with any room or event – perfect as gifts from home builders or real estate agents to new homeowners, or for yoga studios and massage clinics looking to provide clients with relaxing tools – making these personalized items surefire winners.

Make an impressionful statement and mark important events and moments with family and friends by designing custom photo and message candles to commemorate special events or occasions. Not only are these durable long-burning candles unforgettable scent experiences, they can also serve as stylish decor in both home or office settings.

Custom candles with logos make an excellent addition to any e-commerce website, providing ideal gifts for customers, employees, loved ones and special celebrations alike. Their no minimum order policy makes selling customized candles on a budget easy while our expert printing services ensure your brand will be visible by all.

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Custom candle boxes can help your candles stand out on shelves and in customers’ hands. Custom designed boxes can feature your logo, product information, and design elements printed onto them to create an exciting, unique customer experience – and provide safe shipping of your product(s). There are various types of candles, each requiring its own kind of packaging – tapers are long thin candles with pointed tips; pillars stand-alone tall candles; votives come with holders – the strongest options being cardstock corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper options for these boxes!

Be it selling photo candles for birthdays and weddings, or crafting scented jars to distribute at yoga studios and massage clinics, sturdy boxes are an essential marketing tool that ensures items arrive undamaged and fresh until their destination. Custom box printing can help build loyal customers and brand recognition; adding custom labels or stickers also increases brand recognition – these options come in various sizes and materials; you can even custom design interiors to match the interiors of the products themselves!

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