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Christmas Custom Candles

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Christmas Custom Candles

Custom Christmas Candles are an exquisite way to show the ones you care for how much they mean to you and also create an inviting and comfortable ambiance during the holidays.

This set of scented candle includes both a frangipani jar candle and Thai lemongrass aromatherapy fragrance. Both feature essential oil blends designed to promote relaxation while adding fragrances that add aromatherapy goodness into the air of your home.

Light Up the Holidays

Christmas is the season of warmth, and candles can add a warm glow to any room in your home. Candles also help mark this special occasion with family and friends; use them to set an elegant table setting at holiday meals or romanticize intimate evenings spent with those close.

Custom scented candles make an excellent holiday present that anyone you love will treasure for years. From elegant fragranced candles to rustic wood-burning logs, it makes an unforgettable statement about who you care for them most and will long be remembered fondly.

People around the world have long associated Christmas with light and candles. Christians traditionally lit candles during Christmas Eve services to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to Jesus’ birthplace; today this practice remains common among both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Candles can help us remember those who have passed during the holidays, providing comfort and support while showing that there is light even during dark times. A slow-burning beeswax pillar candle may also provide the ideal way to remember someone without having to talk directly about their loss.

Create a Memorable Gift

Candles make great presents for many special occasions, but with some creativity they can become truly thoughtful presents. Ribbon wrapping or glittering are great ways to give store-bought candles their own homemade touch!

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One easy way to make any candle more special is with stickers. Use a sticker sheet with holiday-inspired designs on each candle, or apply one design across all candles for an eye-catching uniform look.

Personalizing a candle by including an old photo of its recipient can make for an especially meaningful present if they wish to remember fond moments from their past; and can especially comfort those grieving from a recent loss of a loved one.

If you’re shopping for a wine lover, make it extra personal by including their favorite varietal in their custom-scented candle box and they can enjoy its fragrance while reading a good book or sipping sparkling wine!

Custom-scented candles make an excellent present for anyone moving away from home, such as college students or long-distance friends. Simply submit their front-facing photo and a special message for them to create their unique keepsake that will remind them of where they call home.

Add a Touch of Elegance

Candles add an elegant touch to any Christmas decor. The timeless holiday tradition of placing candles in windows dates back centuries, and is an effective way to usher in the festive season into your home. There are various flameless battery-operated styles or traditional candles available that coordinate perfectly with window treatments while giving off a radiant glow that illuminates from within.

Enhance your tablescape this Christmas with elegant Christmas candles that coordinate with the rest of your dining room decorations. Create an upscale look by pairing candles with fine china, crystal glassware and polished silverware – cloth napkins with matching napkin rings will complete this elegant look on your tablescape! Lastly, complete it all by including an arrangement of white florals and baby’s breath to complete this beautiful setting.

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Integrate candles into your holiday decorating scheme by placing them in festive candle holders. There is an impressive array of holiday-themed holders available, from rustic wooden candleholders and metal candlesticks, to plain candleholders that you can embellish with ribbon, twine or greenery to create unique ornaments that add flair.

Scented can add a warm atmosphere to your home, drawing family and guests in with the scents of pine needles, seasonal spices or sweet vanilla. Their inviting aroma can bring memories flooding back; perfect for celebrating Christmas as well as remembering loved ones far away or who have passed on.

Add a Scent

Make your holiday candles truly memorable this year by choosing fragrances that capture the spirit of the season. Candles with aromas such as pine needle, peppermint, vanilla bean or spicy berries can create an inviting ambiance and provide guests with an enjoyable experience when visiting.

Christmas scented candles often provide aromatherapy benefits as well. Myrrh, one of the wise men’s gifts from the Nativity story, can help alleviate stress and tension; natural pine and fir scents also aid relaxation during this festive time of year.

Custom candles can become even more special by selecting a name to print on their labels. Simply enter it in the ‘Note to Customer’ text box on our website, and we will email a proof of your order!

If you’re creating your own candle, it is crucial that you know exactly how much fragrance will be required for its fragrance load calculator to calculate. Keep in mind that essential oils have differing strength levels; accordingly you may need to alter how much fragrance you add accordingly. Be creative! Try different amounts and see which works best with your unique holiday candle design!

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