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Custom Birthday Candles

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Custom Birthday Candles

offer an original way to commemorate an individual’s special day, from stylish designs and colors, to personalized messages and non-toxic safety for children.

TikTok users have made these candles famous, making them great birthday presents. Additionally, the brand provides an astrological birth chart analysis book.


Make your birthday cake truly personal by crafting candles yourself using beeswax sheets and cookie cutters, readily available at most craft supply stores. Making your own candles allows you to customize it to suit a particular holiday, such as Valentine’s Day hearts or star-shaped ones for summer parties or seasonal motifs for Christmas or Halloween without breaking the bank!

Beeswax candles are safe to use with cakes and other food because they do not contain any toxic chemicals. Crafted by young bees in 12-17 days of their lives, these blocks of wax produced on glands release aromas when lit that can enhance meal flavors.

Personalised custom candles make the ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasions. Our candles are handcrafted from high-quality soy wax blend with eco-friendly fragrance oils – an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax! Choose a scent from our list of popular options like Butt Naked: tropical flowers with coconut and strawberries or Cowboy: manly musk with light floral notes; all candles include matching candle holders – perfect for any special event! Plus we offer our candles in various colours so you’re sure to find something special no matter the occasion or celebration!

Versatile decorating options

If you’re looking for a thoughtful yet practical birthday present, this candle makes an excellent choice. Crafted from high-grade soy wax blend, this nontoxic gift features exquisite tropical flower scents or manly musk aromas; plus you can customize it further by including photos or personal messages of your own choosing! Plus, once the candle has burned down it becomes an invaluable keepsake jar; making this the ideal addition to anyone’s milestone moments or special events!

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Birthdate Co.’s candles are highly personalized, using astrology, numerology and tarot to craft candles tailored directly for each individual customer (they offer 365 unique fragrances). Furthermore, The Birthdate Book provides in-depth analysis on an individual’s sun sign(s), moon sign and rising signs.

Though more expensive than many candles, this gift is well worth its cost. The company employs a premium soy and coconut wax blend which burns for up to 80 hours; making this choice especially suitable for those wanting to avoid paraffin wax’s harsh chemicals.

Customizable designs

Custom candles make an impressive present or home accent, perfect for any special event or milestone in life. Personalize it by choosing photos or text for an original design that commemorates a memorable memory, event, or moment in life – an eco-friendly keepsake everyone wants in their collection. Custom candles offer easy selling opportunities due to their beautiful fragrance and attractive packaging; making the ideal eco-friendly present!

Customizable birthday candles make a thoughtful, heartfelt way to honor milestones for family and friends alike. Be it celebrating a new baby, first boy/girl birthdays, baptism/christening ceremonies, baptism/christening services or anything else- personalized candles will take us back through memory lane every time they light it! They offer endless memories!

Personalized candles can make an excellent addition to any online store’s product catalog, acting as an innovative way of marketing without incurring upfront investments or risk. As attractive gifts or home decor essentials, personalized candles can sell throughout the year and are sure to become bestsellers online. Utilizing Printify’s user-friendly Print on Demand platform allows you to easily customize candles to any special event or customer, and quickly reach new audiences globally – sign up with Printify now for free and start selling customized candles online without risks or hassle!

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Perfect for any occasion

No matter the occasion – birthday, anniversary or graduation – a personalized candle is sure to brighten someone special’s special day with fun messages such as fun, scary or sentimental ones along with your choice of fragrance oil! Crafted using premium soy wax blend and non-toxic fragrance oils for maximum fragrance enjoyment; complete with an attractive glass jar vase/holder once the wax runs out!

This superb value polka-dotted birthday candle makes an excellent addition to any cake, cupcakes or dessert. Easily set any age or date with its bright colors bringing joy. Make an unforgettable birthday experience by pairing it with other numbered candles as part of a complete set!

Modern candles make an exquisite present for new babies, first birthdays, baptisms and christenings – with each candle featuring the year of birth and recipient name on its label, in your choice of scent! A stylish addition to any event celebrating life!

Choose an image they’ll cherish to feature on the label and add a special note from you to make this custom candle an heirloom-worthy present they’ll treasure always. Additionally, upcycle their jar into an elegant vase or holder in their home! And be sure to trim the wicks to 1/4 inches before each burn in order to prevent carbon buildup and avoid mushrooming!

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