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Seasonal Custom Candles

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Seasonal Custom Candles

candles can add an unforgettable ambience and create lasting memories in any setting, whether that means hosting an elegant wedding reception or creating an intimate dinner date.

Candles make the ideal present. Upload photos and write heartfelt messages for an extra special gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

Seasonal Scents

Candles have long been seen as more than simply sources of light or aromatherapy; they serve a greater purpose: marking special moments like birthdays or anniversaries or creating the mood for romantic evenings. Achieve this effect even further by choosing scent combinations that add an extra special touch.

Customized candle scents present the opportunity for brands to craft an unparalleled sensory experience that reinforces their brand image. Similar to luxury fashion brands, luxury candle brands can elevate their image by providing aroma-specific experiences which serve as “quick forms of emotional solace,” according to Brown University Professor Rachel Herz.

Fall is an ideal season to choose earthy woodsy scents like evergreen/pine and eucalyptus as it brings out feelings of warmth and comfort. Vanilla cinnamon also pairs nicely, creating feelings of coziness.

Our LAIT seasonal collection offers an assortment of alluring fragrances to add some extra flare to your home. Amber Noir is an alluring blend of rich amber, jasmine, and warm vanilla; Cherry tobacco mixed with aged cedar for an inviting rustic aroma; while Awapuhi offers tropical floral scent that smells exactly like biting into a sweet mango!

Custom Labels

Scented candles are more than home decor items; they create atmosphere and atmosphere in any environment. A well-designed label can catch customers’ eyes even before they pick up the candle; whether your company produces seasonal scents or classic ones, its own label must stand out from competitors to attract customer interest.

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Add personalization to your product with custom labels by including short messages, dedications, or photos on them. This personal touch will set it apart from competitors while delighting recipients who appreciate thoughtful gifts like these. Choosing a shape to compliment the design of your candles also sets them apart on shelves; custom shaped labels can be applied manually or automatically by machine.

Candles make great presents for birthdays, holidays or simply to show how much one cares. Our graphic designer can create custom labels tailored specifically for any special event or group fundraiser and help ensure they leave an impressionful impression for an affordable fee.

Candle labels often include photos or artwork depicting the scent or ingredients found within their wax. This is particularly essential when selling scented candles, as consumers will use this information when making decisions whether or not to purchase their product. Our digital printing allows you to use high-quality images that will attract attention and encourage purchases from potential consumers.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes for candles come in various finishes and materials. Cardboard is an economical yet lightweight choice that supports light-weight candles; its material allows printing with CMYK and Pantone colors for premium finishing options. Corrugated cardboard provides extra protection and durability; you can further personalize its design through printing or inserts to give it an eye-catching finish look. Kraft paper packaging adds rustic charm, making it suitable for handmade candle brands or eco-conscious consumers.

Candle packaging can be enhanced by hand-drawn illustrations to give it an eye-catching and unique aesthetic. These illustrations can tell a brand story and connect with customers on a more personal level while elevating product packaging for a memorable unboxing experience. Adding custom inserts or cutouts into boxes further improves customer experience while further strengthening brand image.

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Candle packaging that stands out can attract new buyers and increase sales. Hand-drawn illustrations or personalized messages will ensure that your products stand out in a competitive marketplace, and custom cards provide important details about products or promotions.


Implementing the appropriate design elements into your candle packaging can make it more visually appealing and increase brand recognition. A high-gloss finish can increase color saturation and contrast while matte coating adds subtle sheen for a more subdued effect. Foil stamping or embossing may also elevate its visual impact and elevate brand recognition.

Create a memorable unboxing experience to distinguish your products from competitors and foster customer loyalty. For instance, including a gift card with instructions or promotions can create a more personal interaction for customers and enhance customer retention. Furthermore, custom inserts and cut-outs may help secure candles in their packaging more securely.

Your choice of materials for candle boxes will have an enormous effect on their appearance and durability, from cardboard, kraft paper and corrugated cardboard – each offering unique advantages when it comes to appearance and performance. Cardboard is lightweight yet eco-friendly; perfect for accommodating most candle sizes while remaining recyclable; Kraft paper offers additional structural support while adding classic elegance while corrugated cardboard offers thicker durability than either of its alternatives, making it suitable for long distance shipping.

To maximize branding potential, take advantage of online tools and services that enable you to design packaging using 3D tools and services. Choose the size, shape, material of your box as well as coating options, printing processes and finishing processes; plus special effects like die cutting or embossing that give it a distinct appearance for your product.

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