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Seasonal Candle Decoration Ideas

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Seasonal Candle Decoration Ideas

Christmas lights and stockings add festive ambience to any room, while candles take this season’s theme even further. Whether it’s to add some festive flare in your own home or create an unexpected present for someone special, here are a few creative ideas you should keep in mind when styling candles this holiday season.

Add an eye-catching decorative element by wrapping the entire candle in fabric for an inviting feel and look. Finish it off by attaching holiday-themed stickers for an extra splash of color and personality.

Flameless Candles

Use flameless candles to add festive charm and ambience to tables and mantles without the risk of fire hazards. They offer an authentic flicker-effect glow, perfect for tablescape decorating ideas that are sure to wow guests. Tuck these flameless beauties among greenery for an eye-catching tablescape!

Decorated candles can add seasonal flare to any room in your home. Use decorative pillar candles, for instance, as seasonal focal points by tying ribbon around their jar candlesticks, tying bows around them, or covering plain red pillar candles with candy cane sticks or polka-dot ribbon.

Reusing flower pots as candleholders for your New Years display is another creative idea. Just fill the bottom of a pot with damp floral foam, stick coniferous branches, berries and oranges into it – leaving room for one candle in the center – then tie twine or burlap around its base for rustic charm or embellish a regular candle by surrounding it with wreath made of florist foam and scarlet carnations flowers!

Mini Plant Holders

Candle holders don’t just complement candles – they also enhance your decor! Create autumnal accents in any room by wrapping a simple lantern with fabric, adding silk leaves, pinecones or acorns, or tying cinnamon sticks around its base for an authentic rustic aesthetic.

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Candle holders can also serve as planters. You can create an eye-catching display by placing plants or flowers inside once all the wax has burned off; or decorate it rustically by decoupaging with strips of scrapbook paper or an acorn motif.

An essential oil diffuser can also serve as a candle holder, creating an environment of calm and wellbeing. Simply fill it up with water and drop in some drops of your preferred scent for a pleasant atmosphere. During holidays like Christmas or Halloween you could add seasonal elements such as ornaments or pinecones for decoration purposes – or even scary figurines!

Vases for Flowers

Decorate candles with flowers to bring light and festivity into your home during the holidays. Utilizing existing glass pieces such as votives, vases and flutes paired with candles or tea lights. Press-on gems add extra flair while scarlet carnation wreaths (created using florist foam wreath bases, scarlet carnations and small ball ornaments) create festive centerpieces around pillar candles encircled by festive scarlet carnation wreaths can adorn pillar candles as centerpieces.

Mason jars make ideal table flower vases and candleholders; you may need to place them on a pedestal for proper ventilation. The size of its mouth determines how well flowers and greenery stay upright; narrow openings work better for tulips while wider-mouth jars offer plenty of room for hydrangea stems to arrange themselves upright.

Make bargain-priced vases look more expensive by giving their interiors the appearance of mercury glass by spraying with mirror finish paint and lightly spraying their exterior for a crackled effect. To complete the rustic display, wrap candles in fabric scarves for a cozy winter-themed centerpiece; or decoupage mason jars with leaves and berries to create rustic kitchen displays.

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Ribbon-Wrapped Store-Bought Candles

With just a bit of imagination and creativity, store-bought candles can become unforgettable decorative pieces fit for the season. Use ribbon, glitter, paint or fabric to transform them into festive decor pieces; just be sure any decorative additions are flameproof as lit candles could pose serious hazards!

For an eye-catching winter-inspired touch, wrap fabric around the bottom half of a candle and secure its edges using twine or glue. Choose fabric that features patterns or textures that match your personal aesthetic for optimal results.

Add rustic charm by covering a jar candle in natural twine or jute, adding personal touches with small wooden tags or mini clothespins attached.

Glittering candles is an easy and enjoyable way to add some flair. Apply a thin coat of glue over the surface, sprinkle glitter over it and allow the glue to set before using your candle.

Personalized Candles

Candles with personalized messages or photos can be an elegant way to commemorate an occasion such as an event, holiday, birthday or just to show someone how much you care. Plus they make thoughtful presents for loved ones and friends at any event or celebration!

Use glue or Mod Podge to add your personal stamp to any candle, whether that be adding your family photo to a mason jar candle for fall decor purposes, or writing out holiday messages onto festive candles to use during Christmas decorations.

Another simple decorative technique involves dripping melted wax onto the sides of a pillar candle to form unique designs. Since the wax will harden before lighting your candle, there won’t be any fire hazards associated with this practice.

Combine decorative jars with natural elements such as pine cones, tangerines and dried flowers for an attractive winter candle decoration. You could also add sparkle with glitter-covered candles; just be sure that any glitter is safe to burn and that any decorations are non-removable so they remain lit safely.

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